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Assume you have a bucket of 300 different beads. You want to make necklaces for ten of your relatives. As with many families you need to be completely fair to each person. Hence each necklace must have 30 beads. How many different sets of necklaces could you make (ie how many macrostates are there)? Assume you have 125g block of copper (cp=0.385J/°Cg) at 35C and a 45g block of gold (cp=0. 1.1291/g°C2) at 115C. You bring these into thermal contact in an insulated container. Calculate the final temperature Calculate the change in entropy for each block (assume no change in volume or pressure due to the heat exchange). Calculate the change in entropy for the system, the surroundings and the universe. Explain whether this process is reversible or irreversible and why. 9L of monoatomic ideal gas at 23-C and 4atm are expanded to a final pressure of 0.8atm. Calculate AU, q w, and AS for the system if the process is: Reversible and isothermal Reversible and adiabatic Show the calculation for AS that demonstrates that the process is reversible Irreversible and adiabatically (assume Pext=0.8atm) If you have done the calculations correctly AS is different in all three parts. Please explain why in 1-3 sentences. The following equation is an equation of state for an imagined gas: U=Nk/T+Nk/V² Determine (àU/dT)_\ and (àU/àV)_T? Solve the following problems: Find the first partial derivatives and for the function f(x,y)=Zx+5xy²+In 2x/5) Show the solution for the total differential(df) in terms of dy and du solved by the chainrule given that And x(u)=6u Assume you have 3moles of Ar trapped in piston at Satm of pressure and 55C. You expand this gas until the final volume is SOL. You may assume this is happening in lab at 1atm of external pressure. Calculate the change in entropy of the system, surroundings and the universe if is done irreversibly and adiabatically Assume you have a 3 mole sample of a monoatomic ideal gas at 1.3atm and 45 °C. Calculate the total w and ASsys if it is compressed: Reversibly and isothermally to 2.5atm Irreversibly and isothermally against an external pressure of 5 atm until the volume is 30L Irreversibly and isothermally through the steps outlined below. Step 1 expand to 50L against an external P of 2atm Step 2 expand to 40L against an external P of 2.Satm Step 3 expand to 30L against an external P of 3atm Compare the results you have determined ina-c and discuss the reasons why these are the same or di fferent in single paragraph of about 5-6 sentences.

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