Your critique of the article must include all of the following:
- A brief summary of the article - both the motivations for conducting the study and the results the authors obtained.
- A discussion of the plus and minus points of the article (this should be the bulk of your paper)
- Suggestions for additional experiments and directions for future work - these could be either additional rheological tests, or other techniques that would add to the story (such as NMR, confocal imaging, etc.)

ARTICLE: Rheological properties of Salecan as a new source of thickening agent by Aihui Xiu, Mengyi Zhou, Bin Zhu, Shiming Wang, Jianfa Zhang

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Rheological Properties of Salecan as a New Source of Thickening Agent - A critique review

Hydrocolloids are plants, microbes, animals and synthetic based hydropolymers. These hydropolymers are either naturally present or added to modify viscosity. These polymers have many hydroxyl groups and thus can be used as polyelectrolytes as well. This article is all about using Salecan, a novel soluble glucan as a thickening agent for food application. Salecan is produced by Agrobacterium SP. ZX09. The samples used in this study was isolated from the soil samples of ocean coast, Shandong, China. Rheological studies on the aqueous solutions of Salecan was carried out to see its shear thinning properties as a function of concentration, pH, and temperatures. These samples showed non-newtonian flow behavior at concentrations of 0.3-1.5 %, pH 1-13 and temperatures from 5 - 85°C range. Thus, it could be...

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