Lab reports should include the following sections:
1. Title page.
Experiment number, title, date, your name and student ID number. Rubric page should proceed the the title page.
2. Purpose. Give a concise description of the overall point of the laboratory in 1-2 sentences. Address the goals of the experiment or the problem that was being solved. Give a brief description of the theory only as it relates to the experiment. Describe how your data were used to solve the problem or reach a conclusion. It is generally a good idea to state a hypothesis or make predictions about how the experiment will turn out. This often leads to a good starting point for writing your discussion section.
3. Procedure. Always cite the experimental procedure as shown in the lab manual. Probably you will be referring to manual overall (i.e. the chapter).
4. Discussion. The discussion should be written in paragraph form with complete sentences. Restate your calculated results and discuss their agreement with true values. Never number your discussion section. The answers to questions need not appear sequentially; you may answer the questions in any order you like as long as the order makes sense and your discussion reads well. Always write discussions in the third person, past tense.

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