Create an app that displays a list of books and associated data using recycler view - each item in the view.

1. The app should display list of books from the database.
2. Each item should display Title, Author and Year published; and items should be separated using a divider or separator.
3. When the user clicks on an item in the list, a new activity with the contents of the item selected should be displayed ; use descendant and ancestral navigation pattern between the activity with list of books and activity displaying information for a book.
4. There should be a floating action button to add new books.
5. On the activity that displays details for a book, allow users to update the book details or delete the book; the user action (edit or delete) should be reflected in the database.

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import java.text.DecimalFormat;

* Edge child class for use with our MapGraph class, as it has extra qualities compared to an edge
* Class Invariant:
* @version       1.0
public class RoadEdge extends Edge {

    //variables, used to multiply/affect weight

    //number of traffic lights on a road
    private double trafficLights;
    //time of day
    private double timeOfDay;
    //weather conditions
    private int weatherConditions; //this will be 0-3 for clear weather to rainy to heavily rainy to hailing

    private boolean freeway;

    RoadEdge(int source, int dest, double pWeight, double trafficLights, boolean freeway){
       this.source = source;
       this.dest = dest;
       this.weight = pWeight;
       this.trafficLights = trafficLights;
       this.freeway = freeway;
    // Constructs a RoadEdge from source to dest. Sets the weight to 1.0
    public RoadEdge(int source, int dest) {
       super(source, dest);
    // Constructs a RoadEdge from source to dest. Sets the weight to passed value with modifiers/variables RoadEdge has
    public RoadEdge(int source, int dest, double pWeight){
       this.source = source;
       this.dest = dest;

       this.weight = pWeight; //* (trafficLights/3); //we will see how this looks, can tweak

    public String toString() { return "[" + source + ", " + dest + ", W: " + new DecimalFormat("###.###").format(weight) + ", lights: " + trafficLights + ", is freeway: " + freeway + "]"; }
    public boolean equals(Object o) {                      //RoadEdges are equal if source, destination, and weight are equal
       if(o == null || getClass() != o.getClass()) {
            return false;
       RoadEdge other = (RoadEdge)o;
       return this.source == other.source && this.dest == other.dest && this.weight == other.weight;
    public double getTrafficLights() {
       return trafficLights;
    public double getTimeOfDay() { return timeOfDay; }
    public int getWeatherConditions() { return weatherConditions; }
    public boolean isFreeway() {
       return freeway;
    public void setTrafficLights(double trafficLights) {
       this.trafficLights = trafficLights;

    public void setTimeAndWeather(double timeOfDay, int weatherConditions) {
       this.timeOfDay = timeOfDay;

       switch (weatherConditions){
            case -1:
                System.out.println("There was an error in the weather conditions");    //perhaps throw an exception here?
            case 0:
            case 1:
                weight *= 1.325;
            case 2:
                weight *= 1.5077;
            case 3:
                weight*= 1.78;
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