The Mobile Application Project Proposal.

For this assignment, you will be proposing a new application to be used by mobile devices.
The application can be anything you want it to be, so have some fun with it. The application needs to be something that can be created and developed using current technologies, so no teleportation apps
please! Although I admit I would pay through the nose to get one of those suckers! Avoiding hours of answering the question, “Are we there yet?” Priceless!
You can try a variation on an application that already exists if you want. You would need to demonstrate how your application would do something different from the existing application. For instance, you
might want to develop an application for fantasy sports that helps you optimize your line up for each match-up. There are many different ideas that you can use to come up with a mobile application.

What you will need to produce:
Please use the template that is available in this folder, I will be expecting your proposal to look like this format.

1) Name of the application – this where you can give your app a very cool name.

2) Device(s) on which your app will be used – smartphone, tablet, or both

3) Brief description of your apps functionality – a short paragraph hitting the highlights of your application – what will it do?

4)Target User – who is this application ideal for, what kind of person would want your app, a description of apps demographic

5) Research – this is where you will give some information about similar apps or why your idea is novel. If your app is a twist on a previously existing app, what makes yours better or unique?
You will also discuss how your application will use the Internet to share, or retrieve information for the user. Please include a source list to demonstrate where your information is coming from.

6) Additional Hardware – what, if any, additional equipment would your app need to function; i.e. – external sensors or builtin equipment such as GPS, compass, camera, microphone etc. Don’t worry if your idea doesn’t need any of this stuff, there are plenty of apps that do not need additional things, just indicate that they aren’t needed.

Research – Your research should be roughly 3 – 5 paragraphs. There should be no typographical or
grammatical errors. It should also include a source list of places from which you gathered your material.

Feasibility – based on today’s technology is your application feasible. This is where your app granting you superpowers might not earn you points.

Originality – is your application just like an existing or is it different from others already out there?

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Designer: Student’s Name

Name of the application: Intelligent Spending Time Apps

Device(s) to be used on: Smartphone, Tablet (on short any mobile platform).

Brief Description: the application will first require the user to enter personal information like hobbies, preferences or areas of interest. In addition to this, it will ask the user to enter the period of time for which the events to be gathered and a corresponding geographical area (this can be achieved by entering the size of a radius where the searching to be performed for). Based on the type of information gathered during the process, it will connect to already designed applications (e.g. restaurants, clubs) and realize a filtering based on user input....

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