1) Association rule mining often generates a large number of rules. Name at least one effective method that can be used to reduce the number of rules generated while still preserving most of the interesting rules.

2) You are a consultant working for the company “Data Mining R Us.” Your client is a major luxury automobile manufacturer, Lexcedes. They have come up with a brand new model called the “Chimera” and they want to target the car for young, filthy rich individuals. Besides having their own company databases, Lexcedes purchased a large collection of databases containing historic information about people, their attributes, and what they buy. They want to use data mining to help sell their new model. Describe in detail a comprehensive step-by-step data mining procedure you would follow if you were given this task. Make sure that your answer reflects the situation stated above (in other words, do not give a generic answer). State your assumptions.

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1) The answer to this question is not unique, because there is not a single method used to reduce the number of rules. Below there can be consulted several such effective methods (distinct as approach, but with the same effect in the end):
- The usage of domain knowledge; it can be useful to design templates for those rules that it is intended to be mined; in order to achieve this goal there must be defined confidence interval, correlation measure and minimum support;...

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