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Write, assemble, and test a program that calculates the sum of all "divisible by the number that is a result of the last 4 digits of your students ID module 15" numbers from the range [n,m].
For this exercise you are required to use subroutine/procedure.
Calculate sum/product in the main procedure;
Check if the number is "divisible by x" in the subroutine/procedure.

YOU CAN NOT USE multiplication or division instructions!!!

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include    ; from Irvine CDROM

.stack 4096

greeting byte "enter the last 4 digits of your students ID : ", 0   ; message to write
getN byte "enter n : ", 0   ;
getM byte "enter m : ", 0   ;
printSum byte "sum : ", 0   ;
newline byte " ", 10,0   ;

intVal DWORD ?
mVal DWORD ?
candidate DWORD ? ; numbers from n to m
sum DWORD ?...

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