The sample output should include leading 0's as follows:

0000000056 + 0000000003 = 0000000059
2147483647 * 0000000100 = ***multiplication overflow***
0000000023 % 0000000005 = 0000000003

In order to work with parameters directly on the stack in program 6 you may have to use "dword ptr".

For example: dword ptr [ebp + offset]

In some cases the system needs to know the size of the operand. ebp+offset is an address pointing to a location in memory but it does not say the size of what it is pointing to.

If you use [ebp + offset] and you get a compile error it may go away if you use dword ptr [ebp+offset].

The offset is either 8 or 12.

Just a heads-up: In doMult you should only use the single operand version of imul.

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.386      ;identifies minimum CPU for this program

.MODEL flat,stdcall    ;flat - protected mode program
                      ;stdcall - enables calling of MS_windows programs

;allocate memory for stack
;(default stack size for 32 bit implementation is 1MB without .STACK directive
; - default works for most situations)

.STACK 4096            ;allocate 4096 bytes (1000h) for stack

;Irvine32.lib contains the code for DumpRegs and many other Irvine
INCLUDELIB /Irvine/Irvine32.lib


;usage: mPrtStr nameOfString
;ie to display a 0 terminated string named message say:
;mPrtStr message

;Macro definition of mPrtStr. Wherever mPrtStr appears in the code
;it will be replaced with

mPrtStr MACRO arg1    ;arg1 is replaced by the name of string to be displayed
push edx ;save edx
         mov edx, offset arg1 ;address of str to display should be in edx
         call WriteString       ;display 0 terminated string
         pop edx ;restore edx

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