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Use assemble language to write power function.
We will give the power function two parameters - the number and the power we want to raise it to.
For example, if we gave it the parameters 2 and 3, it would raise 2 to the power of 3, or 2*2*2, giving 8.
Please put the details for each line you write.
Program to illustrate how functions work and will compute the value of 2^3 + 5^2.

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section .data # data section is empty since all is kept into registers
.section .text # these marked with "." are sent directly to assembler
.globl _start
pushl $3 #2nd arg. is pushed onto the stack
pushl $2 #1st argument is pushed onto the stack
call power_a_raised_to_b #function call
addl $8, %esp # SP (stack pointer) is moved back...

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