Write a procedure named PackedToAsc that converts a 4-byte packed decimal number to a string of ASCII decimal digits. Pass the packed number to the procedure in EAX, and pass a pointer to a buffer that will hold the ASCII digits. If EAX receives a packed BCD number like DWORD 87654321h, it should return a string of ASCII digits in a buffer like "87654321" to display. For this, an array is defined as numbers DWORD 87654321h, 45346894h, 193492h, 123h, 3h
The output of ASCII buffer will be

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main8stub PROC

   ; Prepare for LOOP
   mov ecx, 5; set loop variable to 5
   mov esi, OFFSET numbers ; store the start address of numbers in esi
   mov edx, OFFSET buffer ; set edx to startaddres of buffer array
   ; Prepare pointer to buffer and packed decimal number
   ; Call _PackedToAsC to convert to ASCII digits
   ; Display string of digits
   ; ...
   mov eax, [esi]; set eax to current element in numbers
   Call _PackedToAsc ; call the function
   mov edx, OFFSET buffer; prepare array for printing
   Call WriteString; ; print the string
   Call Crlf ; new line
   ; Get next number
   add esi, 4; set esi to the next element in numbers

   loop L1
   Call ReadChar; stop the execution to see the result
   Invoke ExitProcess, 0 ; exit

main8stub ENDP...

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