I Gaining Experience and Familiarity with Assembly Language Programming (32-bit). Write AI code that can serve as a grade calculator for single course in a semester.
1. First write the code to supports the calculation of a letter grade for N-1 student, with K=5 raw scores. Devise your own grading table.
2. Extend to code that supports the calculation of letter grades for at least N-10 students, each with K-10 raw scores. Devise your own grading table. Also support the determination of the Minimum, Maximum, Mean scores obtained in the class, as well as the Median scores and Modes.

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raw_scores db 5 dup(0)
grade db 0
score_msg db "Please enter the next raw score (max 100): ",0
end_msg db "The grade is ",0
main proc
push offset raw_scores
call ReadScores
pop eax

push offset grade
push offset raw_scores
call CalcGrade
pop eax
pop eax

main endp


ReadScores proc uses eax ecx edx
;This procedure reads the scores
;from the console and stores
;them in the array
;Input Parameters on Stack:
; address of the scores array
push ebp
mov ebp,esp

mov ebx,dword ptr [ebp+20] ;scores address
mov ecx,0
mov edx,offset score_msg
call WriteString
call ReadDec
mov [ebx+ecx],al
inc ecx
cmp ecx,5
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