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5. (15 pts.) Abyte addressable amount memory (in MB) that 6. (30 pts.) Given the following storage allocation directives and numl: do.w 2,4,6,8,10 num2: num3: dc.b DO: 0000 1046 Dl: FFFF FFAO AO: 0000 3116 CCR: 0100 For each of the following instructions, show the registers and/or memory location that would b changed result contents CCR (NZVC) after each one. Use the initial The numl S0000 3110 a) add.w (A0),DO #2,CCR f) neg.1 D1 7. (25pts.) Given the following function prototype int foo(int &a, byte &b) The function begins follows: $7000 foo: link A6,#-4 movem. D1/A0-A1,-(SP) In the box below show the contents ofthe stack after the movem instruction. Label the and show the size (in bytes) of everything the stack. Indicate the position of the SP. 8 (25pts.) void int &d, int e, long f) The procedure Use the registers for the parameters Retrieve them ir order first 9. (10 pts.) The data register DO should not be saved/restored in: function. Why? 10. (20pts.) Given the following function int myFunction(int &a, The function begins follows: ORG $7000 What the contents of A6 after the movem instruction: A6: 11. (20pts.) procedure swap uses storage allocation in the calling program for passing parameters. The void &a, int The code in program as follows: isr move. The procedure follows: ORG $8000 swap: link A6,#0 movem. A0/A1,-(SP) Write retrieve the parameters registers A0 and AI Don't write the whole procedure, just the instructions needed retrieve the parameters

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