Milestone #3: Hopping Around

Goal: Working program that accesses the input file data, correctly applies the 5 steps, and implements the random hop portion of the encryption including the 1 to 3 rounds.

Note: IF milestone #2 is not correct, this portion will not be successful either. So even if you failed to get #2 on time, you still must get it to work correctly in order to get full credit for #3.

Make SURE to remove that first encryption step in M#01 and M#02. You will be encrypting using the full keyfile at this point making that step unnecessary.

Name your zip file: “” where 00 is your team’s number.

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// DecryptData.cpp
// THis file uses the input data and key information to decrypt the input data

#include "Main.h"

// code to decrypt the data as specified by the project assignment
int decryptData_03(char *data, int dataLength)
int resulti = 0;
int hop_count = 0;
int index = 0;

gdebug1 = 0; // a couple of global variables that could be used for debugging
gdebug2 = 0; // also can have a breakpoint in C code

// You can not declare any local variables in C, but should use resulti to indicate any errors
// Set up the stack frame and assign variables in assembly if you need to do so
// access the parameters BEFORE setting up your own stack frame
// Also, you cannot use a lot of global variables - work with registers

__asm {

mov eax, gNumRounds // for round = #round - 1

push eax
shl eax, 2 // round * 4
mov esi, gptrPasswordHash // put ADDRESS of gPasswordHash into esi (since unsigned char *gptrPasswordHash = gPasswordHash)
add esi, eax
xor edx, edx
mov dh, [esi]
mov dl, [esi + 1]
mov index, edx

// Determine hop_count
mov ebx, 0
mov bh, [esi + 2]
mov bl, [esi + 3]

// Check if 0
cmp ebx, 0
jne L1
mov ebx, 0xFFFF
mov hop_count, ebx

mov ebx, 0 // Start from first byte of data
mov ecx, dataLength // Pop the length of data
mov esi, gptrKey
Xor eax, eax
mov al, byte ptr[esi + edx] // access byte at position edx of key file
mov edi, data // Put ADDRESS of first data element into edi
loop1 :
xor edx, edx
mov dl, byte ptr[edi + ebx]


// E codetable swap
push eax
mov al, byte ptr[gDecodeTable + edx] // load dl-th value from gDecodeTable
mov dl, al
pop eax

// C Swap half nibbles
push eax
mov al, dl // copy dl to al
shl dl, 2 // shift dl left by 2 - now lower half nibbles moved to higher half nibbles position
and dl, 011001100b // clear lower half nibbles
shr al, 2 // shift al rightby 2 - now higher half nibbles moved to lower half nibbles position
and al, 000110011b // clear higher half nibbles
or dl, al // join the registers
pop eax...

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