1) Using C++ classes and virtual methods, organize the animals in a small zoo, having as guests lions, parrots, alligators, penguins, elephants, cobras, zebras, hawks, turkeys and rabbits.
Use at least 3 properties some of the animals might share and demonstrate overriding of their getter and setter methods.
Write 10 examples of method calls asking the inhabitants of the zoo to perform tasks to which they would answer back either "Doing it!" or "Sorry, I cannot do it".
**Must comment before beginning a function explaining what the underlying function is going to do*
**Program cannot come from internet sources**

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#include <cstdlib>
#include "alligators.h"
#include "animal.h"
#include "cobras.h"
#include "elephants.h"
#include "hawks.h"
#include "lions.h"
#include "parrots.h"
#include "penguins.h"
#include "rabbits.h"
#include "turkeys.h"
#include "zebras.h"
using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char** argv) {

    // create 10 pointer
    //    in order to assign and all child class
    // we always use pointer
    animal * a[10];
    // assing the newly created object to pointers
    a[0] = new alligators("dark green",100,5);
    a[1] = new cobras("black yellow",6,3);
    a[2] = new elephants("grey",1000,8);
    a[3] = new hawks("brown",2,1);
    a[4] = new lions("yellow",500,3);
    a[5] = new parrots("green red yellow blue",1,1);
    a[6] = new penguins("black white", 2,2);
    a[7] = new rabbits("white pink", 2, 1);
    a[8] = new turkeys("black red",3,2);
    a[9] = new zebras("white black",90,3);
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