Develop a game. Suppliers enter the game to increase their profits and at the same time the game allow them to satisfy their customers requests (the customers are outside the game). In other words, everybody inside the game are originally suppliers aiming to sell their products to customers outside the game. However, once suppliers enter the game; they enter as either seller or buyer to be able to collaborate and maximize their profits. Note that, any programming language can be used but, it is preferable to use a language that can read from an Excel sheet for example. While, outputs will be similar to table 3 and 4 in the example. It is also preferred if final results can be shown using a figure, but, if it is difficult to do then, it is okay to keep the results in tables.

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public class Buyer implements Comparable<Buyer>{
    String BuyerID;
    String Product;
    double RequiredDate;
    double Quantity;
    double CostPrice;
    double SellingPrice;
    double Requirement;
    int index;

    public Buyer(String [] data) {
       BuyerID = data[0];
       Product = data[1];
       RequiredDate = Double.parseDouble(data[2]);
       Quantity = Double.parseDouble(data[3]);
       CostPrice = Double.parseDouble(data[4]);
       SellingPrice = Double.parseDouble(data[5]);
       //Requirement = Double.parseDouble(data[6]);
       if (data[6].equalsIgnoreCase("Same Selling Price")) {
            Requirement = 0;
       } else {
            Requirement = ParseRequirement(data[6]);
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