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Programming Part: Min-Max Heap A min-max heap is a data structure that supports both deleteMin and deleteMax in O(log N) per operation. The structure is identical to a binary heap, but the hemp-order property is that for any node, X, at even depth, the element stored at x is smaller than the parent but larger than the grandparent (where this makes sense), and for any node x at odd depth, the element stored at x is larger than the parent but smaller than the grandparent (see figure 1). 6 (81) (87 (14) (17) (12) (28) 71 25) 80 20) (52) 78 31 (42) (31) (59 16) 24 (79) 63 18) 19 32) 13) 15) 48) Figure 1: A min-max heap. Using an array to represent the min-max heap structure (in the same way as for min hemp or max heap), implement the following operations. 1. buildHeap: Builds a min-max heap from a list of naturals read from standard input. 2. findMin and findMax: Returns the minimum (resp the maximum) element. 3. insertHeap: Inserts a new element into the min-max heap. 4. deleteMin and deleteNax: Deletes the minimum (resp the maximum) element.

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#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

template <typename Comparable>
class BinaryHeap
    explicit BinaryHeap( int capacity = 100);   
    bool isEmpty( ) const;
    const Comparable & findMin( ) const;
    const Comparable & findMax( ) const;

    void insertHeap( const Comparable & x );   
    void deleteMin( );
    void deleteMax( );
    void buildHeap(const vector<Comparable> & input );
    bool level(int hole);
    int currentSize; // Number of elements in heap
    vector<Comparable> array; // The heap array   
    void minUp(int hole);// reset item of heap from the current hole upward in min order
    void maxUp(int hole); // reset item of heap from the current hole upward in max order
    void minDown(int hole);// reset item of heap from the current hole downward in min order
    void maxDown(int hole);// reset item of heap from the current hole downward in max order
    void swap(Comparable & c1, Comparable & c2);// swap value of 2 variable
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