For this assignment we are going to build a simple Grade Book using a versatile data structure.
For the purposes of this grade book you should provide a menu with the following options:
1. Add a new course
2. Add a new student
3. Add a student to a course
4. Add grades for a student in a course
5. Print a list of all grades for a student in a course
6. Print a list of all students in a course
7. Compute the average for a student in a course
8. Print a list of all courses
9. Print a list of all students
10. Compute the average for a course
11. Store Grade book (to a disk file)
12. Load Grade book (from a disk file)

Each of these menu items should correspond to a function you will write.
Each student and course will be represented by a structure.

The student structure should contain a numeric ID number and a textbased name as well as any other info you need to complete the representation of a student. Similarly the course structure will contain a numeric course number and a text-based name for the course plus any other required information. You may add other fields to each structure as needed and even create other structures if needed.
1. Be sure to include the description of the structures you will be using along with the descriptions of the fields they contain as part of your design document.
2. store the declaration of the structures in a header file
3. store the prototypes for all the menu functions in a different header file
4. Store the definitions of the menu functions in a separate C file
5. link all of them together during compiling
So for this assignment you will have at least 1 header files (.h) and 2 code files (.c)
As indicated in the menu you will need to store and load using a disk file so that the data is retained.
Here are some limiting values to help you in defining your data:
• Maximum Number of students (total) 100
• Max number of courses 25
• Max number of courses per student 4
• Max number of grades per student per course 10
• Max number of students per course 20
Be sure to create a written algorithm, or recipe, for each of these functions and the main program. You will submit this in a PDF document as well

Program Requirements

Things to consider:
• What type of data structure(s) will I use?
• How will I know where the end of the grade list is for each student?
• How will I relate the students to the course and vice-versa?
• How will I build the reports?
Your program will be written in C, not in C++ or any other computer language.

You will include the steps in your algorithm in your code as comments. You may, of course, paraphrase them if you like.

Your program will be graded based largely upon whether it works correctly on a CSE Department Linux machine. Be sure to compile and test it there, even if you do the majority of your development on another platform.

Your program's output should initially display the department and course number, program number, your name, and your email address

Be sure to create appropriate test data and execute tests for proper and improper data on all functions.

Please be sure and test your program to make sure it is calculating the results properly. You can either do this by hand (calculating some test values on paper to see if they match what your program says), or temporarily display various intermediate values you're calculating in the process and desk check the results to make sure they are correct. The more test cases you try and you get correct answers, the more certain you will be that when the grader uses his/her own test cases that your program will produce the correct results.

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

Grade Books Using Data Structures
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