The purpose of this assignment is to learn and use dynamic data structures. You can use a linked list or tree structure to sort and store a list of symbols (or characters) from a text file according to its ASCII code, and count the number of repetitions of each symbol.

Given an arbitrary text file, your program will count the number of symbols in the file and print out each symbol and its number of repetitions in the file in ASCII code order. This has to be done using a dynamic data structure. You can use a linked list structure, or a tree structure. Here I only describe the linked list implementation. A linked list structure is simpler to implement, but more time consuming than a tree structure algorithmically.


Here are some basic components for your program design.

1. Your program should ask the text file name, then open the text file successfully for reading. This is done in main.c;
2. You should have a function called “add_item” that will add an item into your linked list according to its alphabetic order or ASCII code order. In other words, the linked list is always sorted according to the alphabetic order. The data structure should also store the number of repetition of each ASCII code. If it is a repetition, you only increase the counter in the corresponding node for the item instead of creating a new node. This should be done in list.c;
3. You should have a function called “print_items” that will print out the characters and the corresponding repetition numbers. This should be done in list.c;
4. “print_items” should return the total number of items printed, which is the number of different ASCII codes counted;
5. In the main program, you should read a character and add_item until the end of the file, print_items, report total number of items, close the file opened, free up the structure that you allocated memory in add_item.

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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "list.h"

void add_item(char item) //Add item to linked list
    struct Node *temp = head, *temp2; //Temp Nodes for storing data and iterating through list
    if(temp == NULL) //If head is null
   head = (struct Node*)malloc(sizeof(struct Node)); //Create new node
   head->item = item; //Add data to head node
   head->count = 1;
   head->next = NULL;
    else if(item == head->item) //If item sent in is the same as stored in head
   head->count++; //increment head count
    else if(item < head->item) //If item sent in comes alphabetically before the current head
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