Design a program that will be used at a local night club. Users of the system will be managers, waiters and bartenders. Waiters and bartenders will have the same privileges/interface. All users will need to sign into the program. Two administrators, one waitress and one bartender should be in the system by default. Every user will have their own password and will select their name from a list of names. Ask the user for the current date before login. Data should be stored using parallel arrays.

Bartenders/Waitress menu should allow to
1) enter an order
2a) view outstanding orders (current customers in the night club)
2b) convert outstanding order to completed order
3) completed orders
4) total tips
5) sign-in/sign-out.

Order should have a description, customer location, waitress/bartender name and total price

When an order is completed, a tip (if received) needs to be able to be added to the order.

Administrator menu should be able to
1) sign-in, sign-out
2) see all employees
3) see checked-in employees
4) see outstanding orders
5) see all completed orders
6) see everyone’s tips total
7) add an employee

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void InitEmployeeArrays() //Puts initial values to employee paralell array members
int i;
for (i = 0; i < MAXNUMBEROFEMPLOYEES; i++)
employeeName[i] = "";
employeePosition[i] = EP_UNKNOWN;
employeePassword[i] = "";
employeeTip[i] = 0.0;
employeeCheckedIn[i] = false;
employeeDate[i] = "01.01.2000";
numberOfEmployees = 0;

void AddEmployee(string name, EEmployeeType position, string password) //Adds an employee to employee paralell array
employeeName[numberOfEmployees] = name;
employeePosition[numberOfEmployees] = position;
employeePassword[numberOfEmployees] = password;
employeeTip[numberOfEmployees] = 0.0;
employeeCheckedIn[numberOfEmployees] = false;

void InitOrderArrays() //Puts initial values to order paralell array members
int i;
for (i = 0; i < MAXNUMBEROFORDERS; i++)
orderDescription[i] = "";
customerLocation[i] = CL_UNKNOWN;
totalPrice[i] = 0.0;
orderState[i] = DOESNTEXIST;
orderTip[i] = 0.0;
numberOfOrders = 0;
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