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Celsius to Fahrenheit Table
Design a program that displays a table of the Celsius temperatures 0 through 20 and their Fahrenheit equivalents.
The formula for converting a temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit is F = 9/5C + 32
You need to set up a pseudocode solution that is complete and workable.
For your solution to be complete, you must:
• Prompt the user for the input data asked for within the problem statement
• Set up a correct formula to process the input data, arriving at the output data
• Provide the output data asked for within the problem statement to the user
For your solution to be workable,
• There should not be any logic errors in your solution
• You may want to set up a hand trace chart, showing the values of your variables as you move through the solution from one statement to the next.
Instructions on documenting your solutions:
• Prior to the start of your solution, include a paragraph, explaining what is being accomplished.
• Within your solution, include the following 3 sections:
- Input Data: document variables used to hold input data
- Output Data: document variables used to hold output data
- Processing: document the formulas/equations you set up as part of your processing

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The program conv2.cpp performs the calculation of the temperature expressed in Fahrenheit degrees for [0,20] range of Celsius degrees. It demonstrates the usage of simple functions and loop structure (e.g., for) and it returns the Fahrenheit temperature expressed as float value.
Input data: the variable “i” holds the value for the Celsius temperature from the [0,20] range. It is not provided by user’s input, but it is known in advance instead.
Output data: the variable “f” holds the result of the calculation for the Fahrenheit temperature for each value from the [0,20] range of the Celsius temperature.
Processing: the calculation of the Fahrenheit temperature is done using the formula:
F = 9/5C + 32...

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