Problem Description:
Design and Code the Application (feel free to use your own colors and design). Use the application with controls, icons, Picture can use your own colors pictures and Icon. Make the Calculate button work, that display the Total and average of the Expenses on June, July and August, (Make sure you use Convert and declare the Variables), use the Selection Structure to display A Message Box with the Message " Expenses Above Average" if the average is greater than $1000 or the message "The average expenses is reasonable" otherwise. Make the Clear and the Exit button work.

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namespace ExpensesCalculator
    public partial class FrmExpensesCalculator : Form
       public FrmExpensesCalculator()
       // The calculate button function
       private void BtnCalculate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            // Declare and set variables to 0
            double junExp, julExp, augExp, totExp, avgExp = 0;
            // Convert the textbox values to numerical values to place in variables
            junExp = Convert.ToDouble(txtJune.Text);
            julExp = Convert.ToDouble(txtJuly.Text);
            augExp = Convert.ToDouble(txtAugust.Text);
            // Total the monthly expense numerical values
            totExp = junExp + julExp + augExp;
            // Avervage the monthly expense numerical values
            avgExp = totExp/3;
            // Checks to see if the average expense is over 1000
            if (avgExp>1000)

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