Write a program to analyze all integers contained in two text files.
Both text data input files will contain an unknown number of integers (in the range 1 – 999), separated by whitespace. There may be duplicate integers in the files.

The program will:
- Read and organize all of the integers from the first data input file into two doubly linked lists, based on whether the integer is odd or even.
- Search for all the integers in the second data input file, to determine which list they are in and what their location is within that list.

The program must be modular and use correct parameter passing. Use of global variables will NOT be allowed. And object-oriented constructs (classes, objects, templates, STL, etc) may NOT be used.

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#include <cstdlib>
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <fstream>
#include <new>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

// global structure definition
struct Node {
   int data;
   Node *back;
   Node *next;

struct DoublyLinkedList{
    int lenght;
    Node * top;

// prototypes
Node * NewNode();
int CompareNode(Node * p,Node * q);

bool InitializeList(DoublyLinkedList* dll);
bool EmptyList(DoublyLinkedList* dll);
Node * NumInList(DoublyLinkedList* dll, int input);
bool OrderedListInsertIon(DoublyLinkedList* dll, int input);
int ListLength(DoublyLinkedList* dll);
int PositionInList(DoublyLinkedList* dll, int input);
void DisplayList(DoublyLinkedList* dll);
void DestroyList(DoublyLinkedList* & dll);
bool ReadFile(char * filename,DoublyLinkedList* OddList,DoublyLinkedList* EvenList);
void Search(char * filename,DoublyLinkedList* OddList,DoublyLinkedList* EvenList);...

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