Linked Lists
Write a C program that fills and sorts a singly linked list of integers. Make sure your program compiles using gcc and the following list.h and test_list.c files on the ENGR server. When sorting nodes, you may not swap the values between the nodes, you must change the pointers on the nodes to swap them.

struct node {
int val;
struct node *next;

int length(struct node *); //get the length of the list
void print(struct node *, int); //print a certain number of elements from the list starting with the first node
struct node * push(struct node *, int); //put at front struct node * append(struct node *, int); //put at back struct node * clear(struct node *); //delete entire list
struct node * remove_node(struct node *, int); //delete a particular node
struct node * sort_ascending(struct node *); //sort the nodes in ascending order struct node * sort_descending(struct node *); //sort the nodes in descending order
//insert into a specific location in the list
struct node * insert_middle(struct node *, int val, int idx);

test_list.c #include "list.h" #include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h> int main (){
char ans[2]; int num;
struct node *head = NULL; do {
do {
printf("Enter a number: "); scanf("%d", &num);
head = push(head, num);//Can change to append printf("Do you want another num (y or n): "); scanf("%1s",ans);
} while(ans[0] == 'y');
printf("Sort ascending or descending (a or d)? "); scanf("%1s",ans);

if(ans[0] == 'a')
head=sort_ascending(head); else if(ans[0] == 'd')
head=sort_descending(head); print(head, length(head));
printf("Do you want to do this again (y or n)? "); scanf("%1s",ans);
head = clear(head);
} while(ans[0] == 'y'); return 0;

For example:
Enter a number: 100
Do you want another num (y or n): y
Enter a number: 30
Do you want another num (y or n): y
Enter a number: 50
Do you want another num (y or n): y
Enter a number: 10
Do you want another num (y or n): n Sort ascending or descending (a or d)? a Your linked list is:
10 30 50 100
Do you want to do this again (y or n)? n

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