Make a program design that includes:
a) A structure chart, including the passed data representation
b) A list of functions that will be implemented. For each function, include:
- The function name
- A description of the task the function will perform
- The function parameters and return values
- Which team member will be implementing the function
Note: An easy way to create the function list is by using the documentation headers from the coding standards for each function you will need, with an IMPLEMENTED BY: line added.

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Global Constants

const int LIST_SIZE = 100000;
const int MIN_INT_BOUND = 1;
const int MAX_INT_BOUND = 30000;

Static global array

static int tempList [LIST_SIZE];



1) function: main

2) function: SelectionSort
description: repeatedly find the next smallest element in the array and move it to its final position in the sorted array
input: int list[]
return: sorted array

3) function: Partition...

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