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Project 2 Java Multithreading for Matrix Multiplication These are the instructions for your second Operating Systems programming project. Recall that all code must be written individually and independently. Recall that violating this rule will result in zero credit for the project and probably a failing grade in the course. Write a multithreaded program in Java or C++ that performs matrix multiplication. Specifically, use two matrices, A and B, where A is a matrix with M rows and K columns and matrix B contains K rows and N columns (the column number of A must be equal to the row number ofB). The matrix product of A and B is C, where C contains M rows and N columns. The entry in matrix C for row i column j (C;j) is the sum of the products of elements for row i in matrix A and column j in matrix B. That is k C.. L(A. xB .) 1,1 n=l 1,n n ,J For example, if A were a 3-by-2 matrix and B were a 2-by-3 matrix, element C3,1 would be the sum of A 3 , 1 x B1 , 1 and A3 , 2 x B2 . 1 . For this project, you need to calculate each element CJ in a single worker thread. This will involve creating totally M*N threads in parallel. The main or parent thread will initialize the matrices A and B and allocate sufficient memory for matrix C, which will hold the product of matrices A and B. These matrices will be declared as global data so that each worker thread has access to A, B, and C. #define M 3 #define K 2 #define N 3 Then you use a random generator to uniformly generate the element values of matrices A and B in range of [O, 100]. Then use A and B to calculate tbe product matrix C. Once ali worker threads have completed, the main thread will output the product contained in matrices A, B, and C. This requires the main thread to wait for ali worker threads to finish before it can output the value ofthe matrix product. You could use pthreadjoin() or join() for Pthread (C++) or Java, respectively. #define NUM_ THREADS 10 r an array of threads to be joined upon */ pthread_t workers[NUM_ THREADS]; for (int i=O; i< NUM_ THREADS; i++)

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//Program Name:
//Programmer: <Your name here>, <ID>
//Assignment Number: Project #2
//Purpose: Perform matrix multiplication using Java Thread.

This class takes 5 parameters to construct.
It fills entry (row, column) in matrix C.
class Worker extends Thread {
    private int row, column;
    private int[][] A;
    private int[][] B;
    private int[][] C;

    public Worker(int[][] A, int[][] B, int[][] C, int row, int column) {
       this.A = A;
       this.B = B;
       this.C = C;
       this.row = row;
       this.column = column;

    public void run() {
       int K = B.length;

       //Fill in entry (row, col) at matrix C
       C[this.row][this.column] = 0;
       for (int i = 0; i < K; i++)
            C[this.row][this.column] += A[this.row][i] * B[i][this.column];
       System.out.println("Thread for calculating entry (" + this.row + ", " + this.column + ") is done");

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