Consider that assignment as a code peer review or code walk-through – the activities, that you may be involved into when you will be working with the development teams. Not all organizations do that, but some do, and it is a very useful activity. But it is a very useful activity only if done properly. To be useful, you concentrate on the important things, not getting involved into discussions – why you named that variable there like that...
Your task is to help developer to find a logical errors, omission or misreading of the requirements etc. Not starting explaining that 'rhs' there stands for the “right hand side”.
Anyways. I want you to examine the code and write couple of pages of you review and comments. You may also include – something you understand/not understand/completely not understand... anything related to the code review and analysis.
Do not write: “How great the code is”. It is not useful.
Do not write: “How bad the code is so it makes me feeling so miserable”. It is not useful either.
In all cases, write what was useful, what – was not useful, some good approaches, some not so good approaches etc. In short – I want to see your analysis of the code. Think about that assignment as if you sit with your team on the code review, and the manager turns to you and asks: “What do you think about that?”
I also want you pay special attention on the relationship of the College, Registrar, and the Student classes. I want you draw a flow diagram of the entire system, and also I want you draw a separate flow diagram (on a separate page) of the College, Registrar, and the Student' relationship in the context of a driver program.

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A. Coding error and solution
a) #include "College-1.h" is an invalid class name,
i. Change to College.h
b) void id()(const string &); is invalid ,
i. It should be void id((const string &);
c) const ID getId(); is invalid
i. It should be: ID getId() const;
d) The current design doesn’t overload comparison operator, and output operator to struct ID, it’s the reason of compilation error in bool Registrar::enrollStudentToClass
friend ostream & operator<<(ostream &out, const ID &c) {
       out << c.sid << " " << c.sname;
       return out;
   bool operator()(const ID& lhs, const ID& rhs) const {
       return lhs.sid < rhs.sid;
bool operator< (const ID & c) const
       return this->sid < c.sid;
e) Record::Record(Date && enrlDate, const char * name, const char * id, Type ) hasn’t been implemented
Record::Record(Date && enrlDate, const char * name, const char...

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