Problem 1: Dynamic Grocery Array

Write a program that prompts the user for the total number of grocery item he/she would like to enter. Then prompt the user to enter an item's name for each position in the array. The program then prints out the array. Please include a string library. #include Don't forget to remove a dynamic array!

How many items would you like to enter? 10
1: Banana
2: Orange
3: Milk
4: Carrot
5: Chips
6: Soda
7: Bread
8: Cheese
9: Pasta
10 : Tomatoes

Note: Dynamically allocated arrays are defined as pointers and allocated using the new keyword.

For example: char* chars = new char [count ] ; would create a dynamic array of
characters. Again, Don't forget to delete the dynamic array.

Problem 2: Print Characters in String Array

Declare a string array of size 5. Prompt the user enters five strings that are stored in the array.

Write a function that prints a string in a reverse order. Call that function from the main and
output the value.

Hint: An array of string is like working with multi-dimensional array.

Enter five items.
Item 1: hello
Item 2 : C++
Item 3: Wednesday
Item 4: It's a great day
Item 5: goodbye
Reverse string.
Item 1: olleh
Item 2: ++C
Item 3: yadsendeW
Item 4: yad taerg a s' tI
Item 5: eybdoog

Note: Don't forget to include . You may only use the . length () function on a string variable to get the number of characters in a string, e.g. str. length (). . Use array
syntax on a string variable to access any char by index, e.g.: assuming a string variable named str that stores "hello", str[1] would return 'e'.

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* File:   problem1.cpp
* Author:

#include <string>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
    // validate the input
    int size = -1;
    while (size <= 0) {
       cout << "How many items would you like to enter? ";
       cin >> size;

    // allocate dynamic array
    string * items = new string[size];...

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