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Write a simple program with Student class having STL list of Record's structure as a member. 1. Records of the Students are not accessible to the outside world. 2. Student shall output its standing (Freshman, Sophomore etc). 3. A Student can only be created with the name. 4. A class can only be added if there is a class name and the passing grade. Driver program creates a Student, adds few classes to the Student's records, then prints student's standing. Your Record and Student objects should be like the following (Note, that is not a complete declaration to implement specification as given. You will need to add something else): struct Record { string class_name; char grade; }; class Student { public: Student(string & name); void printRecords(); char gradeForClass(string & cl_name); string standing(); void addClass(string &, char); private: int numClassesTaken; string st_name; std::list<Records> st_records; }; /*********************** * Student::printRecords() * When called from the main(), this function prints the entire Student's record: * classes taken along with their grades. */ void Student::printRecords() { //Your implementation here } /*********************** * Student::standing() * When called from the main(), this function should output: * "Freshman", "Sophomore", "Junior", "Senior", * depending on the number of classes successfully(!) taken. * The exact implementation (in the part of * how many classes needed to advance to the next level) is up to you. * But this function should not iterate over the list of Records, or call std::list's * size() to determine the number of classes. You have a variable for that in * the Student's class. * Note that this function returns string by value. */ string Student::standing() { //Your implementation here } /*********************** * Student::gradeForClass() * Parameter: A class name. * Return type: a single character of grade. * Behavior: * When called from the main(), this function shall find a class by its name * in the Student's Records and output the grade for that class. * In case there is no such class in the Records, you shall output the value, * somehow reflecting that. */ char Student::gradeForClass(string & cl_name) { //Your implementation here } /*********************** * Student::addClass() * When called from the main(), this function creates a new Record and adds that to * the list of Student's Records. It also increments the numClassesTaken, * which will be used to determine a Student's standing. */ void Student::addClass(string & class, char grade) { //Your implementation here } Extra credit 1 (+5). Modify a program as appropriate so that no two the same classes could be in the Records. Make sure that numClassesTaken is correctly reflects the number of unique classes. Extra credit 2 (+5). In the lecture we discussed that objects need constructors. Why there is no constructor in my declaration of the Record and what happens in such case?

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#include "Student.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char const *argv[])
    // clean the old output file
    fstream out;"output.txt", ios::out);
    string name = "Kim Haly";
    Student student(name);
    string classes [] = {"English", "French", "Italian"};

    student.addClass(classes[0], 'A');

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