Review the Code of Ethics of the organizations mentioned in class and select which one you believe most closely applies to your discipline. Explain in a minimum of 450 words key aspects.

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Major ethical principles and practices applied during forensics activities can be retrieved from the official website of AAFS (stands from American Academy of Forensic Sciences) (AAFS, 2016). It can be established a straightforward mapping to the current discipline of multimedia forensics since the same core approaches are used in both scenarios.
Article II extends the Code of Ethics and Conduct using formal language from legal documents; in summary, its six sections cover morality and technical aspects regarded from academic honesty perspective, but also from integrity of digital evidences viewpoint. As overall it has a structure that can be easily applied to external associations with forensics purposes and activities. This is one of the main reasons why its provisions are closest to the current discipline and field of study. In order to remain effective, the forensics ethics...

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