Cloud Computing: Who should use it?, What Cloud and Delivery Models are used for cloud computing?, and If cloud computing is so great, why isn't everyone using it? The paper need to include an abstract, introduction, body, and conclusion. This part of the paper should be at least 4 pages.

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Abstract of the Paper
This report intends to synthetize the most important characteristics and features of the existing cloud service and delivery models – in the acceptance of NIST classification. At the same time, the work enumerates a series of benefits brought by cloud computing in the server-sided distributed environments for both organizations and individuals; not last, the drawbacks of this technology are presented objectively with the intention of explaining why large adoption of the cloud computing is still delayed.


National Institute of Standards and Technology has formalized a definition for cloud computing in September 2011 that was published in the official documentation SP800 145. If the previous paper was focused on the influence of other technologies on cloud’s five essential characteristics, the foundation of this document is represented by the last part of the abovementioned definition – explanation of the three service models and four deployment models. From structural perspective cloud computing falls under server-distributed computing technologies and implements innovation techniques at higher scale compared to related approaches like grid or virtualization.

Usage Reasons and Target

A common misconception among users is that cloud infrastructures and services are suitable mostly for bigger organizations; in fact cloud services are affordable from financial perspective for most of both companies (regardless their size) and individuals. For instance, at the end of 2014 cloud services were spread across EU space within enterprises having at least 10 persons (Giannakouris & Smihily, 2014)....

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