Write short descriptive answer to the following questions
1. Why are patents considered an unreliable way of protecting intellectual property rights in software?
2. What is ‘fair use’ principle? Discuss how the Digital Millennium Copyright Act has affected fair use of copyrighted material by consumers.
3. Identify three different computing technologies that have been used or proposed for digital rights management. Explain how each of these protects digital rights.
4. “Software is a form of intellectual property. It is not wrong to provide a patent or a copyright for software that can potentially breach a nation’s critical systems.” Argue in favor of or, against to the statement.

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Before the 80's, software patents were refused by patent office as they considered software codes as mathematical algorithms. So, even the novel algorithms developed for software did not get its due recognition. After court's decision in 1981 patent office started allowing software patents to be filed. When someone applies for a patent, the patent office may not recognize the "prior art" done earlier and, it, therefore, may approve the patent which can be unlawful. This, unfortunately, led to companies stockpiling dozens of patents whose object programs were not based on the original idea. These bad patents may not stand in the court leading the patent idea for software to be meaningless....

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