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QUESTION 1 From YOUR home directory, execute a find command string that will locate the file called resolv.conf . lnclude the -exec flag in the find command to cat the file to the screen. Begin your find search from the /etc directory. Select the correct find command string below that will accomplish this. n find /etc -name 'resolv.conf' -cat {} \; 0 find /etc -name 'resolv.conf' -exec cat {} \; 0 find . -name 'resolv.conf' -exec cat {} \; n find / -name 'resolv.conf' -exec cat {} ; QUESTION 2 What find command option (flag) will allow you to specify you are searching for a directory? 0 -dir n -D 0 -type d n -size QUESTION 3 What does the -ok flag do far the find command? (1 Checks if you are okay? (1 Like -exec, except that the generated command line is printed with a question mark first, and is executed only if the user responds by typing y. (1 Match a specified number of links. (1 Nothing. lt is not a valid find command option . QUESTION 4 Copy file called sortfile from my home directory. The file contains three columns of information : username , uid number and group name respectively, separated by a field separator. Will the following command sort the file on the group name field? sort -ti -kJ sortfile n Yes 0 No QUESTION 5 Copy the file called sortfile from my home directory. The file contains three columns of information : username , uid number and group name respectively , separated by a field separator . The following command will reverse sort the the file numerically on the uid. sort -t! -k2rn sortfile n True n False QUESTION 6 Using the tar command, tar the directory called midterm located in my home directiry. Create atar file called midterm.tar. What is the size of the file called midterm.tar in bytes? QUESTION 7 cd to my home directory. Name one of the files that are contained within the tar file called accounts.tar. QUESTION 8 cd to my home directory. How many files are archived within the tar file called accounts.tar? QUESTION 9 Using the ps -ef command, locate the process with a PID of 1. What is the process called? O pageout O /sbin/init O /usr/sbin/nscd O inetd QUESTION 10 What is the Parent Process ID of the process called kdmflush? The PPID is --

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