The idea will be do make a java window having 4 to 6 buttons, each containing the name of a well-known cartographer. Three of the buttons should have Mercator, Albers, and Lambert. When a user clicks on a button a message window should appear with some information about the cartographer, e.g. two projections for which he is well known.

Pictures of famous cartographers seem to be available on the web, so some of your popups should show a picture. Your text might include a website where more information can be obtained about a given cartographer and his projections.

If we wanted a plethora of info, we would use a JDialog window, so do not get carried away.

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public class Optioneg2 extends JFrame {

    static JPanel mypanel = new JPanel();
    static JButton button1 = new JButton("warning");
    ActionListener lis;

    // array of button
    static JButton[] buttons = new JButton[6];
    // array of button names
    static String[] buttonNames = {
       "Mercator", "Albers", "Lambert",
       "Blaeu", "Muhammad", "Ortelius"

    // array of path tot the image files
    static String[] fileNames = {
       "Mercator.jpg", "Albers.jpg", "Lambert.jpg",
       "Blaeu.jpg", "Muhammad.jpg", "Ortelius.jpg"

    // array of full name of cartographers
    static String[] cartographerNames = {
       "Gerardus Mercator", "Louis Albert Guislain Bacler d'Albe",
       "Johann Heinrich Lambert", "Willem Blaeu",
       "Muhammad al-Idrisi", "Abraham Ortelius"...

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