Savings Account Class

Create class SavingsAccount.

Each object of the class contains 3 instance variables: name - the name of the account holder, savings_balance - indicating the amount the saver currently has on deposit, interest_rate - the annual interest rate to be applied to this account.

The class should have the following methods:
The contructor__init__should take in three parameters as specified in the following

method header statement:
def_init_(self, name=", savings_balance = 0, interest_rate=0);

Thecalculate_monthly_interest method calculates the monthly interest by multiplying the savings_balance by interest_rate divided by 12 - this interest should be added to savings_balance.

The header for the method should be defcalculate_monthly_interest(self):

The get_name method which returns the name of the account holder and has the following method header:
def get (name(self) :

The get_balance method which returns the current savings_balance and has the following header:
def get_balance(self):

The main method to test class SavingsAccount.
Instantiate two SavingsAccount objects, saver1 and saver2.

saver1 will be created with a name of Fred Smith, a balance of $2000.00 and an interest rate of .04.
saver2 will be created with a name of Sue Jones, a balance of $3000.00 and an interest rate of .04.

Calculate the monthly interest for 12 months and print the new balances for both savers.
The output should be displayed as a columnar table and all dollar amounts should be displayed to two decimal places.

The display of the column headings should use the get_name function to get the savers names.
The display of the account balances should use the get_balance function.

The main method has the following header:
def main():

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class SavingsAccount:

    def __init__(self, name='',savings_balance=0,interest_rate=0): = name
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