Phase 2 Advanced Systems Programming
In this phase you will write a module to take apart the file produced in the first phase and reconstruct any directory tree necessary. In addition, you will compile the code and report on any error codes generated. Eventually the error codes will be returned to the client but for this phase they may be printed out to the console.
The files generated in the first phase may be in subdirectories. Your first challenge is to unpack all of the files from the first phase into known spots that you can then use to feed into the compiler. Once this is done and you have verified that the files match the original files, you should generate a command to compile the files and execute it. You may want to hook it up using pipes for the standard error and standard out so that any output comes back to your original program.
You should submit your program in the spot provided on BlackBoard. I need all of your source files and any special instructions for compiling the code.

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* Default constructor. The default switches should be defined
* somewhere in the GUI when we get it done.
optimization = "";
version = "C89";
compiler = "g++";
testset = "";
debug = false;

Destructor -- nothing happening right now -- this should change. */

int TestClass::getNumberOfFiles()
return filenames.size();

vector<string> TestClass::getFilenames()
return filenames;

int TestClass::getNumberOfLibDirs()
return libDirs.size();

vector<string> TestClass::getLibDirs()
return libDirs;

int TestClass::getNumberOfIncludeDirs()
return includeDirs.size();

vector<string> TestClass::getIncludeDirs()
return includeDirs;

string TestClass::getOptLevel()
return optimization;

string TestClass::getLanguageVersion()
return version;

string TestClass::getCompilerType...

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