Read: Interaction Design chapter 1
Your writing assignment: Please copy out one sentence from either of the two chapters above. The sentence should be one you find interesting, have a question about, or downright disagree with. Beneath the sentence, write a short paragraph of approximately 200 words explaining why you found it interesting and then describe a personal experience you've had that relates to the sentence. Don't just summarize the reading; rather, please focus on your personal experience.

Read: Wicked Problems paper
Your writing assignment: Rather than highlighting a sentence from this paper, think of one modern-day example of a problem that some people face that seems incredibly difficult to solve. Who are these people? What are they like? What is the problem that faces them? Then add: Do you think there is some sort of technology that you could invent or adapt that could help them address their problem? Your solution/technology shouldn't exist yet. Describe your "invention" at a high-level only, and why you think it could help these people solve their problem. Your writing should be approximately 200 words.

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On Page 9 of Chapter 1 of About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design, the authors note that “The third reason the digital technology industry isn’t cranking out successful products is that it has no reliable process for doing so.” This line resonated with me because in my experience using technology—both hardware and software—one of the issues I have observed is that companies struggle...

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