Analysis and Design of Information Systems

The purpose of this assignment is give you experience with physical and logical data flow diagrams.

The organization is a dentist office. When new patients are seen for the first time, they complete a patient information form that asks for their name, address, phone number, and brief medical history, which are stored in the patient information file. When a patient calls to schedule a new appointment or change an existing appointment, the receptionist checks the appointment file for an available time. Once a good time is found for the patient, the appointment is scheduled. If the patient is a new patient, an incomplete entry is made in the patient file; the full information will be collected when the patient arrives for the appointment. Because appointments are often made far in advance, the receptionist usually mails a reminder postcard to each patient 2 weeks before the appointment.

After completing the learning activities for this module, use what you have learned to complete this assignment:
Step 1. Using Visio, draw a physical level 0 data flow diagram (DFD) for the following dentist office system.
Step 2. Compare it with the logical model that you created in Module 3.
Step 3. Paste both models into Microsoft Word. Write 2-3 paragraphs analyzing the differences in the models. Submit your Microsoft Word document.


The purpose of this assignment is give you experience in performing analytical tasks related to this week's learning activities.

After you have completed the learning activities for this week, write a 1-2 paragraph answer for each of the following minicases. Submit all minicases in one word processing document. (APA style is not required.)

Minicase 1
Create pseudocode that explains how to start your computer and open a file in the word processor.

Minicase 2
In the new system under development for Holiday Travel Vehicles, seven tables will be implemented in the new relational database. These tables are New Vehicle, Trade-in Vehicle, Sales Invoice, Customer, Salesperson, Installed Option, and Option. The expected average record size in characters for these tables and the initial record count per table are given next.

New Vehicle 65 10,000
Trade-in Vehicle 48 7,500
Sales Invoice 76 16,000
Customer 61 13,000
Salesperson 34 100
Installed Option 16 25,000
Option 28 500

Perform a volumetrics analysis for the Holiday Travel Vehicles system. Assume that the DBMS that will be used to implement the system requires 35% overhead to be factored into the estimates. Also, assume a growth rate for the company of 10% per year. The systems development team wants to ensure that adequate hardware is obtained for the next 3 years.
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