The idea is to create a web-based Antivirus application that allows the users to upload a file (of any type) to check if it contains malicious content. That is, if it is a Malware or not.
We have 3 to 4 textfile in the database which some character uploaded by admin which is infected file.
When the user upload textfile we compare every 20 character with admin textfile in database. If it matches we say it is virus.
• Infected File: It is a File that contains a Virus.
• Putative Infected File: It is a File that might contain the Virus and needs to go under analysis.

You will have to:
Build a web page that:
• Allows the user to submit a putative infected file and shows if it is infected or not.
• Lets authenticate an Admin and allows him/her to submit a Malware file, plus the name of the uploaded Malware (ex, Winwebsec).

Build a web application that:
• Reads a file uploaded in input by an Admin, per bytes, and stores a sequence of bytes from the file, say, the first 20 bytes (signature), in a database (Note: an Admin uploads only Malware files).
o Keep in mind that, based on the type of file, the first 20 Bytes might not be very informative. In fact, they are usually used by the header (basically saying which kind of file it is).
• Reads a file uploaded by a normal user in input, per bytes, and searches within the file for one of the strings stored in the database (Note: a normal user will always upload putative infected files).

Build a MySQL database that:
• Stores the information regarding the infected files in input, such as name of the malware (not the name of the file) and the sequence of bytes
• Stores the information related to the Admin with username and password, in the most secure way of your knowledge.

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echo <<<_END
<!DOCTYPE html>
       <meta charset="UTF-8">

         * create next table
         * @param type $word
         * @param type $M
         * @return type
       function nextTable($word, $M) {
            $next = array();
            for ($index = 0; $index < $M; $index++) {
                $next[$index] = 0;
            $next[0] = -1;
            $i = 0;
            $j = -1;
            for ($i = 0, $j = -1; $i < $M; $j++, $i++, $next[$i] = $j) {...

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