The task is to create a sorted decimal map based on a decimal search tree interface. It must be generic, implement all of the above methods, and provide an iterator. The generic class must extend the DecimalSortable interface, which requires a getKey() method.
You are given a NetBeans project that contains the following classes:
• A DecimalSearchTree interface that defines the above methods. (This interface just needs its JavaDoc comments done.)
• A DecimalSortable interface that defines the getKey() method. (This interface is complete.)
• A Product domain class that implements the DecimalSortable interface. (This class is complete
and can be used to create a collection to test the decimal map.)
• A SortedDecimalMap concrete class that implements the above ADT. (This class needs most of
its JavaDoc comments done and methods with TODO in them written.)
• A nested DecimalIterator class that uses an underlying queue. (The fillQueue recursive method
is currently just a stub that needs to be written. The rest is complete.)
• A nested DecimalNode class. (This code is complete.)
You must complete the SortedDecimalMap and DecimalIterator classes, create a JUnit test class, and thoroughly test SortedDecimalMap. The following requirements and limitations apply:
• You may not add any other fields or methods to any of the classes or interfaces.
• You must write code for all of the methods marked with a TODO.
• You must create JUnit test methods as necessary to assure 100% coverage of the SortedDecimalMap class, including all iterator and node methods.

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package cs143;

* This domain class represents a single product stored in a warehouse.
* @author
public class Product implements DecimalSortable {
    * product IDs are no longer than 8 digits long
    public static final int ID_LENGTH = 8;
    //private fields
    private int productId;
    private String productName;
    private int isle;
    private int shelf;
    * Simple constructor.
    * @param productId the unique ID of the project
    public Product(int productId) {
       this.productId = productId;

    * Full constructor.
    * @param productId the unique ID of the product...

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