SQL database and NodeJS
Part 1
Create a SQL database for a social media purpose, including at least four tables.
• Design a table for the users’ information 10%
• Design a table for users’ contacts 10%
• Design a table for users’ messages 10%
• Design a table for users’ likes 10%
• Fill the tables with arbitrary data 10%
* Each table must include a primary key.
* Integrity constraints, such as must appropriately be defined in tables.
* You are free to use any SQL database
Part 2
1. Write a NodeJS program that connects to your database 10%
2. Create an HTTP server using Nodejs 10%
3. Define different URL routes to display each table content on the browser. 30%
For example, http://localhost: 3000/user shows the data of the user table.

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// list of router
const routerMap = {
"/information": "information",
"/message": "message",
"/like": "like",
"/contact": "contact"

// some global variables
const port = 3000;
var http = require("http");
var httpStatus = require("http-status-codes");

/// the application
var app = http.createServer(
(req, res) => {
    res.writeHead(httpStatus.OK, {
      "Content-Type": "text/html"

    // if thje link is legal
    if (routerMap[req.url]) {

      // query the database to get the table in _callback
      query(routerMap[req.url], _callback => {
       res.write("<h1> User's " + routerMap[req.url] + "</h1>");
       res.write(_callback, 'utf-8');

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