Compare and contrast the ACM Professional Code of Conduct:

the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice:

and the Australian Code of Professional Conduct:

List the similarities and differences in these three codes. This should be done in word, be as complete as possible.

In a final paragraph - state which of these three do you think is the best and why??

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The first observation would be the three reviewed codes target adjacent domains and professions, namely software engineering and computing. However, beyond the inherent similarities, each of them proposes unique perspectives over the implications the ethics would have within a technical world that seem at first sight entirely not related to ethics. For instance, the Australian code is intended to “help you solve ethical dilemmas” and adopts a concise and focused approach which hits only the essential points (e.g. profession, competence, honesty, ethical use of computing within society), while the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice adopts a language and attitude that reminds of few relevant features from SE world: teams, management, and permanent referrals to the relationships between “self” and “others”....

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