Write a short report about the Business Relationship Management of IT in nowadays organizations.

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Business Relationship Management of IT refers to how Information Technology can be aligned to current business needs. More than this, it is about identifying main roles of IT Relationship Management inside the organization and implicitly those objectives that aim to improve the business as a whole.
From a more practical perspective the research highlighted the importance of concepts like: establishing a strategy that regards IT a trusted advisor for key stakeholders, implying IT in core business segments without restraining it only to tactical player, realizes distinction among internal IT services for ensuring effective solutions and asses the performance with a business relationship-balanced dashboard.

2. Business Relationship Management of IT in Nowadays Organizations
The lack of BRM focused on specific management of IT problems and concerns leads to inappropriate situations when the business needs ignores the internal IT department and tends to orientate on external IT advisors and/or service providers. In the same category of potential issues fall the companies that minimize the overall IT roles (with business implications); from the need of continuously reduce the afferent costs, the members of top management sometimes contribute to building barriers between the business core and IT department(s). Regardless which of the above situations are involved in practice, it is necessary to recall most important objectives held by the report that needs to be enforced between IT and the rest of business...

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