Read pages 1-56 of the CMMI-ACQ V1.3 document and pages 1-30 of document titled "Understanding and Leveraging a Supplier CMMI Efforts: A Guidebook for Acquirers". Both can be downloaded from direct link here
For each of 22 process areas in CMMI-ACQ, determine if it’s applicable to a phase or phases of the system acquisition life cycle model. Write a 2 or 3 sentence brief justification for each process area.

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Among all 22 process areas, 16 are split between Project Management, Process Management and Support. In addition to these, the following 6 are oriented to acquisition: Agreement Management (AM), Acquisition Requirements Development (ARD), Acquisition Technical Management (ATM), Acquisition Verification, Acquisition Validation and Solicitation & Supplier Agreement Development (SSAD).
On the other hand, for Acquisition Model, the CMMI process areas are also categorized by their Maturity levels, as it follows:
Level 1- Initial –none
Level 2- Managed (these are focused on Basic Project Management)- Requirements Management (RM), Project Planning (PP), Project Monitoring and Control, Solicitation and Supplier Agreement Development, Measurement and Analysis, Process and Product Quality Assurance and Configuration Management.
Level 3- Defined (these are focused on Process Standardization) – Acquisition Requirements Development, Acquisition Verification, Acquisition Validation, Organizational Process Focus, Organization Process Definition, Organizational Training, Risk Management, Decision Analysis and Resolution, Acquisition Technical Management (Technical Solution), Integrated Project Management; in addition to these process areas, this level also includes aspects related to organization environment for integration, integrated teams and product integration.
Level 4- Quantitatively Managed (these are focused as its name implied on quantitative management) - Organization Process Performance and Quantitative Process Management.
Level 5- Optimizing (these are oriented on continuous process improvement actions)- Causal Analysis and Resolution + Decision Analysis and Resolution.

The already outlined process areas can be also seen in a broader context as part of pre-system acquisition and system acquisition phases, from the perspective of user needs and technology opportunities, as it follows: concept refinement (concept decision), technology development and system development & demonstration (design, readiness and review)- pre-system acquisition phases + production & deployment and operations & support – acquisition phases.
On the other hand, the acquisition life cycle has the following phases:
1). Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA);
2.) Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR);
3.) Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD);
4.) Production and Deployment (P&D);
5.). Operations and Support (O&S).

By combining the above classification with the enumeration retrieved from ITLaw definition (according it, the Acquisition Life Cycle Model has the same phases of Waterfall System Development Model, namely Initiation, Planning, Procurement, System Development, System Implementation, Maintenance & Operations and Closeout), it can be concluded that CMMI process areas play the roles outlined within system acquisition phases with respect to 4 maturity levels from previous page....

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