Present RSA cryptosystem from a Mathematical perspective. Include examples to show your understanding of the topic and follow the required criteria for achieving a high score.
The criteria the assignment will be assessed are like below:

Criterion A - Communication
Criterion B - Mathematical presentation
Criterion C - Personal engagement
Criterion D - Reflection
Criterion E - Use of mathematics

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Nowadays world heavily relies on the usage of Internet. People often submit their personal information such as bank account details, addresses and others to purchase goods or to use a service. It is crucial to keep this personal information secured from cybercriminals ormalware who may want to steal one’s belongings. In order to secure this valuable information cryptographic methodsare used. In the most basic terms encryption “alters” a computer file using a secret code such that only specific parties with the right privileges (key holders) are able to open the original (unencrypted) file.
This work attempts to explore how one of the most commonly used cryptographic protocols works - namely the RSA cryptosystem. The analyzed protocol is one of the first public-key cryptosystems – based on the usage of a key pair - the encryption key is public, while the decryption key is kept secret (private). It is important to study this topic, as this system is used every day in ensuring that personal information is kept safe from criminals...

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