Rephrase and summarize the document about Fitbit Android App security such that you can include your own insights and views within the final material.

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Analysing the apk file

Fitbit mobile application inherited the features of API Amazon Web Services (AWS) since it was built on top of them; besides the default durability and high scalability characteristics, this architecture also ensures (up to a point) secure cloud storage capabilities. The analysis performed on this App has revealed a series of key security points, but also few security weaknesses in its behavioral design. The analysis was performed following the security guideline of programmed mobile application. Main findings are enumerated in the following sections.

Application Security Key Points:
1- Fitbit android app properly verifies server X.509 certificate on SSL/TLS

This specific certificate is used in Internet security systems to provide support for secure authentication. Similarly to other certificate types, it is managed by CA (stands for Certificate Authority) that a) creates them; b) put data according to X.509 standard format; 3) oversees the digitally signing process and 4) act as trusted 3rd parties as overall. In summary these authorities are organized under prior established hierarchies led by root CA; the certificates issued by them can be either self-signed or signed by root CA. Their operational behavior is the same regardless the principals implied in the exchange process; these principals have no previous knowledge of each other. The security control involving X509 certificate can be found at the path from below...

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