Using your words, answer the following questions about Sorting Algorithms:
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1) What are the different factors that allow for sorting algorithms to run in O(n)?

2) In a software design meeting in your company, your manager says that one of the most important engines of the Record Keeping System you are developing is the Index Sorting Engine. Your coworker quickly jumps in and says that Quicksort should do the job. You have only been in the company for a few months but know that that are many factors to be considered before choosing a sorting algorithm for a problem. Describe your participation in this meeting.

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We first recall that any comparison-based sorting algorithm has a lower bound for the worst case complexity of Big-Omega(nlogn). More than this, based on the analysis of the average case, this is either Big-Theta(nlogn) or quadratic (O(n2)). On the other hand, we recall that some of them run in O(n) only in best case scenario (e.g. Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, TimSort). So, the starting point for identifying the factors that allow some of these running in O(n) time is to identify under which conditions this outcome is made possible. For instance, BubbleSort runs in O(n) time only when the array is already sorted; Insertion Sort exhibits its best case in the same situation. As for TimSort, it makes ~ O(n) comparisons when the list is either already sorted or sorted in reversed order....

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