Consider the vendor table below and write a query to display the vendor information, explicitly showing the vendor name, state, and catalog. Order the list by the vendor name and then by the state. Restrict the list to those vendors located in VA,MD, and PA.
Discussion Question:
You have been tasked to write a set of queries for your management company to display assets, by owner.

Consider the tables below and write a set of Queries to retrieve all of the attributes from the asset and owner tables to show the assets, by owner. You do not have to write join conditions to accomplish this task since simple queries will suffice. Consider which functions you might use in order to sort the data by owner and summarize asset values. Be unique in your response and do not duplicate other responses.

Asset_ID    Asset_Name             Asset_Type    Asset_Value      Owner_ID
1                Primary Residence       Real Estate         $1M                1000
2                Vacation Residence    Real Estate         $2M                1000
3                         Boat                     Vehicle                500k                2000
4                Vacation Residence    Real Estate         $10M               1000

Owner_ID          Owner_First_Name      Owner_Last_Name
1000                            Bruce                         Wayne
2000                            Tony                           Stark

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Query 1 : display all assert by owner
ast.ASSET_ID, ast.ASSET_NAME, ast.ASSET_TYPE, '$' || ast.ASSET_VALUE || 'k' as "ASSET_VALUE"
where o.OWNER_ID = ast.OWNER_ID
order by o.OWNER_ID
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