The IT department already has an application tracking system in place. This system does basic tracking of applications in use. For each application the following information is stored: name of the application, a description of the application, date of installation, the vendor/developer of the application, the version of the application, the primary internal contact for the application and the department of the primary users of the application.

There is a need for joint Asset and Application Tracking system for the IT department. It has been decided to start with the current application tracking system and expand it to include the new information and relationships. This system needs to track Applications and the Assets related to each application. The application details in the current system will not be expanded. The work effort is to create the Asset Tracking system and relate Assets to Applications. The Asset detail needs to include name of the server, the location of the server, the network switches and ports used by the servers. Your final project has the following functional requirements:

- Data Entry
o Enter/Create a New Assets, Locations, Servers and Switches
o Link Assets and Applications

- Search
o Search for Applications:
* by Name
* by Asset
* by Switch
* by Department

o Search for Servers
* by Application
* by Switch

These functional items are not required:
* Entry of new Applications
* Printing
The final product needs to be a normalized relational database with no more than 2 de-normalized instances. Each de-normalized instance must be explained in detail.

Assignment 1:
Your first assignment is to propose modifications the database to be a “fully normalized”, relational database. The actual modifications do not need to be made.
* Describe any new tables created (hint – there will be at least 1)
* Describe all modifications to existing tables
* Describe the steps required to move the data into the new tables
* Provide a new database relational diagram

Assignment 2:
Using the new master database provided by the instructor, propose modifications to the database to include all the features of the final product.
* Describe any new tables created (hint – there will be at least 2)
* Describe all modifications to existing tables
* Describe the steps required to move the data into the new tables
* Provide a new database relational diagram

Final Product:
Demonstrate your final product can perform the following functions:
* Enter a new Asset/Application Link (1 for each search listed)
o search by application name
o search by department
o search by server
* Create a new Server
* Show the applications on a given server
* Show the applications on a given switch

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1. Describe any new tables created
a. Table Application- Primary Contact
i. It will holds the information to answer the following question : what application is use by who
ii. The new design will meet 3rd NF
iii. It will include these attributes
1. ID
2. Application-ID
3. Department
4. Date of Install
b. Table Department
i. It will contains 2 attributes Department ID and Department name
2. Describe all modifications to existing tables
a. Application
i. Add
1. Application-ID, make it become primary key
ii. Remove
1. Date of Install
2. Vendor Name
3. Vendor Address
4. Vendor State
5. Vendor Zip
6. Primary Contact
7. Primary User Department
b. Primary Contact
i. Remove Department attribute
ii. Add new attribute Department-ID and set it as foreign key...
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