Database Management Systems

Piermont Training Centers (PTC) has hired you to create a database to assist in scheduling classes. Before building the database you conduct a preliminary analysis to identify the entities, relationships, and business rules relevant to PTC. Use the following analysis to create an ERD:

Rooms are identified by BuildingID and RoomNbr. Each room also has a Capacity. A room is either a lab or a classroom. If it is a classroom, it has an additional attribute called BoardType.

Equipment is identified by EquipmentID. Each piece of equipment has attributes EquipmentType and EquipmentDesc.

Computers are identified by ComputerID. Each computer has attributes ComputerType, Manufacturer, DiskCapacity, and ProcessorSpeed.

Instructors are identified by EmployeeID. Each instructor has attributes Name, Rank, and OfficePhone.

Courses are identified by CourseID. Each course has attributes CourseDesc and Credits.

Sections are identified by SectionID. Each section has attributes Semester, Year, DayofWeek, StartTime, EndTime, and EnrollmentCap.

Additional Business Rules
• Courses can have many prerequisite courses, or no prerequisite courses.
• Courses have one or more sections.
• An instructor can teach many sections, or no sections. A section is taught by one and only one instructor.
• A room can be scheduled for many sections, or no sections. A section is scheduled in one and only one room.
• A room may have several pieces of equipment, or no equipment. A piece of equipment is assigned to one and only one room.
• A lab has one or more computers. A computer belongs in one and only one lab.
• A classroom does not have any computers.
• A room cannot be both a classroom and a lab.

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Database Management Systems
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