True/False (T/F)

1. ____ The Database Buffer Cache is a read only portion of memory.

2. ____ PMON initiates page space maintenance

3. ____ iSQL*Plus does not support database update commands.

4. ____ The Oracle listener must be active.

5. ____ The Data Dictionary contains the Oracle metadata and is located on the System tablespace.

Fill in the Blank

1. What is the link between the user and Oracle Instance? _______________________________________________

2. What are functions of DBCA __________, _______________________________

3. Name the four memory structures of an Oracle instance. __________________________________________________________________.

4. LGWR empties the Redo Log Buffer when? ______________________________

5. What is in the parameter file? ____________________________________

Short Answers (pick 2 of the 3 questions)
Again, these are short answer questions (1-5) lines of good information. Do not copy answers from the book.

1. What is the SID? And how it relates across the Oracle Architecture.

2. Explain the use of the control file.

3. Explain the User Authentication (that is: what happens at sign in).

Long Answer

Detail creating a Oracle Instance. That is: describe the process, what it does, what it affects, why you think it must be done.

The following steps were used to install/create an Oracle instance:

(Do not give me a copy of or the steps of the instruction sheet)

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True/False (T/F)

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